Masters Monday


I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about Masters Monday and the week ahead. I put together my five favorites for the week – let me know yours!

Dustin Johnson – no surprise here

Jordan Spieth – one of my all time favorites

Bubba Watson – because who doesn’t love Bubba

Jason Day – would love to see him come away with a win

Rickie Fowler – he just brings a whole lot of fun to the game

Enjoy Masters Week, friends!


How can the average golfer learn from the best players in the world?

Putter Golf Cart.jpg

Watch golf……..better yet, make it a goal to attend a PGA or LPGA event every year. The atmosphere is electric, especially for a pup like me. You have the chance to see the best players in the world playing on some of the most picturesque courses. And if this does not ignite your passion for the game, nothing will!

So, how does the average golfer learn from the best players in the world? Well, there might be more opportunity than you think, as the game has evolved. The average golfer looks more like a shooting guard or wide receiver than what we know as the stereotypical golfer. They dress well, work out and oh yeah, bomb it down the fairway!

Here are some of my observations that I would like for you to consider in your quest to improve your game:

Putting Tip

I don’t need to remind you that this is my favorite part of the game! Quit moving around so much. Amateur golfers have a lot of body movement when putting. They pick up their head quickly to watch the roll of their putt. Tour players stay calm and still, with minimal body movement. Quick Tip: Set your weight a bit on your front foot, focus on dead solid contact and commit to your line. Limited body movement allows the club to swing freely, helping the club to square up at impact.

Hit It Longer

The pros golf swings are powerful and rhythmic. They are athletic and strong. Quick Tip: Fitness and technology can help you it further. All club heads look great, but make sure your shaft is properly fit to your swing. Try to stretch and do some kind of weight training. You will feel better, have fewer back issues and ultimately gain distance. It’s easy, get a full should turn, hit the inner part of the golf ball and continue your swing to a perfect position. A full finish position guarantees maximum club speed through the hitting area.

Control Your Emotions

The tour players are in some ways robotic in their movements, but that is how they control their heartbeat and anxiety level. After all, one shot can cost someone thousands of dollars! No matter what comes their way they remain composed. Quick Tip: Enjoy the process of playing golf and don’t overreact to situations that present themselves during a round.

See you on the course!


Happy National Puppy Day!

Putter Puppy

In celebration of National Puppy Day, I thought this might be the best day to return to my blog. Many of you may be aware of my extended absence, I wish I had a great reason to explain my time away from my blog. BUT truthfully, I have just been having the time of my life being a golf dog and a puppy.

I turned seven months old on March 1st and can’t believe that in another week I’ll be eight months old! I often look back at this picture with my brothers and sisters and wonder what they have been doing in the last six months. We all left each other when we were eight weeks old and have all taken different paths. A few are being trained to be service dogs, others just family pets and well me, I’m blogging and enjoy time on the golf course!

People stop me all the time and ask “what kind of dog are you?” I personally think it is easy to tell that I’m a labradoodle without a whole lot of curls. I’m considered a F1 English Blockhead Labradoodle, which essentially means I am half poodle and half lab. My mother is a Standard Poodle and my father is a English Labrador. I tend to take after my father’s side of the family more than my mother’s.

In case you are wondering (and I know that you all are interested to hear), YES – I do shed. Not a lot, but I do shed. It’s fairly common for F1 Labradoodles to shed a bit. Don’t be fooled, everyone thinks Labradoodle = shed free, but that is not quite the case.

I hope that you enjoy National Puppy Day today with your pup! No matter what the age, we are all pups at heart!


Top Teaching Tips



Wow – this pup has so much to share after spending two full days at the 15th PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit! 16 hours of philosophies and theories from the best minds in the game of golf. I’m going to provide a quick recap of the two days and then provide some more in depth articles in weeks to come.

The impact of technology has changed the understanding of the golf swing. But while video can show the picture, it is up to your instructor to explain why the picture looks the way it does. There are a lot of ways to hit the golf ball correctly, but overwhelmingly the top instructors believe you need to start with the flight of the golf ball and work backwards to improve your game. Focus on moving the club face faster.

It goes without saying Putting is my favorite area of the game – Todd Sones provided the most informative putting discussion. Todd has developed his six tools of putting which incorporate putter fitting, pre-swing alignment and in-stroke fundamentals. All help his students achieve great success. Todd shared that grip pressure is a major contributor to controlling face rotation. The importance of distance control is critical to becoming a better putter.

I’m looking forward to being the top dog on the course this season and I hope that I can guide you in this direction!


It’s a Golfers Dream – The PGA Merchandise Show is Here!


This golf dog couldn’t be more excited about a few days in Orlando for the annual PGA Merchandise Show – The MAJOR of Golf Business. It’s the golf industry’s leading event, where PGA Professionals & Golf Industry Professionals gather to discover the latest trends in golf. Golf equipment, technology, apparel, accessories and oh so much more. It also features the world’s largest Outdoor Demo Day!

The PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit kicks off this amazing week. And while dogs aren’t allowed, I’ve got some friends sharing some insight. Be on the lookout for lots of content this week!


When It’s Raining Cats & Dare I Say, Dogs


I’m a California dog who is just not quite used to many rainy days in a row – this week provided us with some welcome rain but made life a little more difficult for this golf dog. It forced me to take extreme measures to get in some play and practice.

Here are a few tips to help keep your game rolling in the rain:

  1.  Towels – This golf dog loves his towels at home but I quickly realized that you can never have too many towels on hand during your round. They’ll keep things dry and you can also wipe down your grips after each shot.
  2. Gear – Layers! Be sure to layer up and wear a waterproof jacket and pants. Don’t forget a good hat. Consider investing in rain gloves.
  3. Bag Cover – Make sure to cover bag to keep those clubs dry.
  4. Keep Your Golf Ball Dry – While this is not always easy, it is important to do so especially when putting. Use a ball marker and place the ball only when ready to putt.
  5. Grip Down on the Club – An extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch will make a huge difference!

And don’t forget your umbrella or you’ll look a lot like me in this photo! Stay dry and don’t let the rain get you down!


Happy New GOLF Year!!!

Putter Aloha.PNG


Aloha! Ready for some sunshine this winter? This week kicks off the 2017 golf season! Of course technically the PGA Tour started the 2017 FedEx Cup race last fall but each January the SBS Tournament of Champions 2017 at Kapalua represents the beginning of a new golf year. Get ready to watch the top 32 winners from last season!

Each week I’ll predict winners from one of the major tours. This week focuses on Kapalua.

  1. Jimmy Walker – I love my dog “Walk”ers
  2. Daniel Berger – Mmmm…….I love beef
  3. Bubba Watson…….My favorite chew toy is a bully stick and “Bubba” reminds me of bully

Hey, it’s a logical as any other way to predict a winner. Give us your top three players for this week and let me know your favorite winter golf destination and dog parks!