Happy National Puppy Day!

Putter Puppy

In celebration of National Puppy Day, I thought this might be the best day to return to my blog. Many of you may be aware of my extended absence, I wish I had a great reason to explain my time away from my blog. BUT truthfully, I have just been having the time of my life being a golf dog and a puppy.

I turned seven months old on March 1st and can’t believe that in another week I’ll be eight months old! I often look back at this picture with my brothers and sisters and wonder what they have been doing in the last six months. We all left each other when we were eight weeks old and have all taken different paths. A few are being trained to be service dogs, others just family pets and well me, I’m blogging and enjoy time on the golf course!

People stop me all the time and ask “what kind of dog are you?” I personally think it is easy to tell that I’m a labradoodle without a whole lot of curls. I’m considered a F1 English Blockhead Labradoodle, which essentially means I am half poodle and half lab. My mother is a Standard Poodle and my father is a English Labrador. I tend to take after my father’s side of the family more than my mother’s.

In case you are wondering (and I know that you all are interested to hear), YES – I do shed. Not a lot, but I do shed. It’s fairly common for F1 Labradoodles to shed a bit. Don’t be fooled, everyone thinks Labradoodle = shed free, but that is not quite the case.

I hope that you enjoy National Puppy Day today with your pup! No matter what the age, we are all pups at heart!


2 thoughts on “Happy National Puppy Day!

  1. Oh Putter you & your brothers and sisters were too cute! Bet you’re turning into a handsome boy. Keep the cute pics coming. Happy Puppy day!


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