Top Teaching Tips



Wow – this pup has so much to share after spending two full days at the 15th PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit! 16 hours of philosophies and theories from the best minds in the game of golf. I’m going to provide a quick recap of the two days and then provide some more in depth articles in weeks to come.

The impact of technology has changed the understanding of the golf swing. But while video can show the picture, it is up to your instructor to explain why the picture looks the way it does. There are a lot of ways to hit the golf ball correctly, but overwhelmingly the top instructors believe you need to start with the flight of the golf ball and work backwards to improve your game. Focus on moving the club face faster.

It goes without saying Putting is my favorite area of the game – Todd Sones provided the most informative putting discussion. Todd has developed his six tools of putting which incorporate putter fitting, pre-swing alignment and in-stroke fundamentals. All help his students achieve great success. Todd shared that grip pressure is a major contributor to controlling face rotation. The importance of distance control is critical to becoming a better putter.

I’m looking forward to being the top dog on the course this season and I hope that I can guide you in this direction!


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