When It’s Raining Cats & Dare I Say, Dogs


I’m a California dog who is just not quite used to many rainy days in a row – this week provided us with some welcome rain but made life a little more difficult for this golf dog. It forced me to take extreme measures to get in some play and practice.

Here are a few tips to help keep your game rolling in the rain:

  1.  Towels – This golf dog loves his towels at home but I quickly realized that you can never have too many towels on hand during your round. They’ll keep things dry and you can also wipe down your grips after each shot.
  2. Gear – Layers! Be sure to layer up and wear a waterproof jacket and pants. Don’t forget a good hat. Consider investing in rain gloves.
  3. Bag Cover – Make sure to cover bag to keep those clubs dry.
  4. Keep Your Golf Ball Dry – While this is not always easy, it is important to do so especially when putting. Use a ball marker and place the ball only when ready to putt.
  5. Grip Down on the Club – An extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch will make a huge difference!

And don’t forget your umbrella or you’ll look a lot like me in this photo! Stay dry and don’t let the rain get you down!


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