Putter Prefers Properly Fit Putters

Length, loft, lie, counter balance, toe balance, face balance……..there is a lot to consider when you select your putter. On average a player uses their putter over 30 times a round, so it makes sense to purchase one that fits you. Take the time to visit your local golf shop and inquire about putter fitting. A quick analysis of your set-up and stroke will help determine the type of putter your game will benefit from most.

Three important factors to consider when purchasing a putter: Easy & effective alignment aids, face material that matches how hard you like to hit putts and a comfortable grip that helps eliminate face rotation.

Putter prefers Scotty Cameron Putters.


Putter’s Practice Tip: Focus on back-stroke to help develop consistent roll off the putter face. If the back-stroke varies on each stroke, the path of the putter will be inconsistent which will cause the ball to start off line and roll poorly. Place a tee on the green behind you and practice taking the putter back on the same line every time. Whether you have a straight back and through or arcing stroke, this consistency will get the ball rolling on your intended line.


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