Putter’s New Year’s Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you planning your 2017 golf resolutions?  Did you get a new set of clubs for Christmas?  Here are my golf resolutions to improve your golf game this year!

  1. Attend a PGA or LPGA Golf Tournament – There is nothing better than watching the best players in the world in person. It increases your appreciation for their skill but also generates excitement that makes you want to grab your own clubs and go play! I’m counting down the days until the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.
  2. Work on your Fitness – Flexibility, strength (especially core) and cardiovascular training will go a long way to improve your game. If you are a member of a fitness club, spend a hour with a personal trainer developing a plan that suits your potential. Otherwise research online and find some exercises geared towards golf. A few less pounds will result in 20 more yards.
  3. Update your Equipment – A good rule of thumb is if your equipment is more than three years old then you probably will benefit from new equipment. If nothing else, check your grips and consider getting new ones. Check your wedges as they wear out fastest. Consider purchasing a range finder to learn how far you actually hit each club during your round.
  4. Take a Short Game Lesson – Very few can hit it 300 yards off the tee. But everyone can improve their play from within 100 yards. If possible, take a series of short game lessons – it’s that important!! You will be amazed how much it helps your score. Plus impact precision around the green will result in better contact with your longer clubs.
  5. Play Golf with Family & Friends – There is nothing better than enjoying a day with friends on the golf course. If you have the chance, invite a friend or family member to join you that has never played before. A late afternoon 9-hole round can be a perfect way to introduce the game. We are all responsible in the future development of golf.
  6. Enjoy Greatness, Don’t Sweat the Bad Shots – Wow, it’s a hard game! Don’t let it discourage you. Be a fun person to play with. Smile when you hit a good shot, laugh when you hit a bad one and bark loudly when you make birdie. You will be amazed how many more good shots you hit when you have a positive mindset. Plus people will invite you back for another round.
  7. And oh yeah……Please Play Swiftly – Golf under four hours is super cool, golf over 5 hours is like being locked in the kennel, it’s just too long.


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